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Verse 1

I'm ready to make a murder scene happen, pimp slapping demons and packing, unload
Clips reload and sink ships like a captain, you be acting like you be knowing when a G be
Rappin, running from the scene while O.R.C. playaz be gangster scrapping, Now hold up
Cuz they done did it, diss the lyric I spitted, even though I know you and your crew aint
Ever going to admit it, now slow down T this is family, they mess wit you, they mess wit
Me and also E, why? Cuz this is O.R.C., lyrically I be commin wit ski masks out the
Bushes, wit chainsaws and axes draggin these demons while the blood gushes, I'm a jack
These demons playa one by one, see they call me big daddy kane, Why? cuz I get the job
Done, now watch me jack these demons, hit em wit a gat, show em' how a real G post to
Act, smuggling bibles instead of gats, rollin drop top Cadillac's, puttin it down street
Corners and shows' for all my foes thug ridas and patnas on death row, really doe


Bone be tha one wit thee gun in his hands, demons be tryin to kill em cuz them no like
Him, smuggling bibles to countries filled with communism, trying to preach them the word
Then convert to Christian. (2x)

Verse 2

Tryin to reach the pimps and thugs, curb servers moving em major drugs, gang banging
Rollin 60's crips and them piru bloods, one love to all the preachas on the street corner, 2
Dubs for all of my riders out in california, peace to my patnas up in frisco, san jose, east
Palo alto, sacramento, fresno, vallejo, richmond, san leandro, oakland, hayward, los
Angeles and diego, yall know, the golden state full of hate and drama, mariguanna and
Thugs that shoot a qien les da la ganna, most got both hands on they desert eagle, gotta
Watch ya back cuz here in california killings legal, rollin regals impala's, cadi's and em el
Caminos, hittin switches best beware of all them hatin snitches, taking pictures of
Westcoast cali sunsets, streets infested wit all those gang bangin ghetto vet's, no regrets,
My patnas dying over them gangs and sets, having sex wit girls in mini skirts and pink
Burrets, whats next, sick of tech's and all the ghetto birds, smell of herb and playboys
Sippin on the thunderbird, I'll scream untill I'm heard, preach tha word in every alley crack
And ghetto curb, wit the beats and verbs anointed by the mighty God I serve.
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