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Normal Girl Songtext

She doesn't think she's special, but I know she is
And I'm so excited I feel like a litte kid
There's something about the way she holds herself
Every time I look in her eyes, I begin to melt

She's just a normal girl

There's nothing I like better than seeing her smile my way
And when she's gone, I dream of her all day
Don't know what she does, it's something I can't explain
She's so electric and racing through my brain

Can't put my finger on it, but I just don't feel the same
Like the sun cam out in the middle of the pouring rain
Sweet little nothings whispered in my ear
With her arms around me, I've got nothing to fear
Nazan Eckes: „Ich fühle mich da auch mit gekränkt“
Vor 9 Stunden
Nazan Eckes: „Ich fühle mich da auch mit gekränkt“
Sarah Engels: Schock nach Sturz!
Vor 5 Stunden
Sarah Engels: Schock nach Sturz!

Album Another Sunny Afternoon (1997)

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Squirtgun - Normal Girl
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