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Snow fell Songtext

He sat in a room
In a square of the color of blood.
He'd rule the whole world
If there was a way that he could.
He'd sit and he'd stare
At the minarets on top of the towers.
For he was the beast
As he hatched his new plans to gain power.

And the snow fell
Covering the dreams and ideals.
And the snow fell
Freezing the blood and the wheels.
And the snow fell
They had to keep warm for survival.
And the snow fell
And defeated the beast's only rival.

They took the old roads
That Napoleon had taken before.
They fought as the forces of light
Against the darkness in a holy war.
One day they were looking around
At the sun shining on the cold flowers.
The next day they were freezing to death
In the snow, in the ice cold showers.


Then came the deadly road back
From the steps of their retreat.
The cold wrecked their bodies
But worse was the pain of defeat.
Many people who had hailed them once
Now turned and looked away.
These people now knew
That the beast was on it's way.


You finally came back
To the borders of your fatherland.
Now enemies came
Traitors everywhere at hand.
Many people who had fought and died
Knowing that they had to win.
It still sickens my heart
To see the picture of the red flag in Berlin.

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Saga - Snow fell
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