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Im walking like a ghost through the rooms of my house
I feel more and more like i dont belong / here anymore

I need things to happen but im so scared of the future
Im dreamin awake of how it'll change my world / to leave this place

Im tired of living / in memories / and plans that will / never be done
I want some action but there i am before the screen
Doing nothing but writing songs that draw / uncertainty in my mind

Wondering if these unmaterial creations
Would keep my dreams safe or if it'll plunge me into / a deadly selfishness

Im 19 / and i finished my growing / and im starting / to rot
Because i already miss my childhood
And the innocence of learning when i wasn't caring about / the troubles of the world

And the question of survival in today's jungle society
I wont rely in some deep mystery hidden / behind the clouds

Im asking for / a grounded answer / with strong roots / bound to the dirt
Money is that ultimate filth that rules our souls
Seems dirty enough to me to be that dim / renewed testament

Bible written on dollar bills for scratching monkeys
Jumping around national buildings claiming / their slice of the cake

But who's got the little / red cherry / that represents / honesty?
Certainly not the little men big-headed
And big-gunned for they're too short and could never fit / in their underpants

Riding the world in hummers with little flags
On every angle and walls of cameras / make me wonder about their job

Politics or comedy the split is easy especially for muscle-man
Yea make believe a desastrous scenario
And go on warrior of victory you'll be a hero for history / and for your bank account

You'll have your statue carved in some mountain side
What a pride you'll get for this patriotic / activism

Nations and religions / gambled in / a poker night / in the white temple
Manuela Reimann spricht Klartext: Steht eine Rückkehr nach Deutschland an?
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Manuela Reimann spricht Klartext: Steht eine Rückkehr nach Deutschland an?
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