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Wholefood Boogie Songtext

I want to bite a rosy apple
That's not painted waxed or DDT'd
I'd dig a plate of russian buckwheat
With a steaming sauce of sesame seed
Just cook me miso soup for breakfast
Throw your fishy fingers back in the sea
'Cos I'm a funky macro-eater life is sweeter
Eating naturally

I've got no taste for stricken chicken
From an ultraviolet prison cell
I couldn't face your shaving cream cake
Or your test tube flavoured caramel
Don't serve me "BOILA BAGGA DINNA"
When I've shown you what I eat is me
And I'm a weird organic diner life is finer
Eating naturally

Whole food that's what I need
A bowl of grain, the taste of seed
Whole food every day to live the natural funky way

You're so acute about pollution
Have you ever really looked at your food
It's sickly, sweetened, poisoned, flavoured, coloured, processed…
God! if only you knew
That there's a funky way of eating
Keeps you randy, dandy, happy and free
Go on, go score yourself a banquet
Straight from nature, not from some factory

Whole food etc. etc.
Lilly Becker: Doch lieber eine Frau?
Vor 2 Tagen
Lilly Becker: Doch lieber eine Frau?
„Wir können nach Hause“: Tanja Szewczenko wird aus dem Krankenhaus entlassen
Vor 6 Stunden
„Wir können nach Hause“: Tanja Szewczenko wird aus dem Krankenhaus entlassen

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Peter Sinfield - Wholefood Boogie
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