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When I have to decide
About things I haven't yet tried
Gotta choose the ways of my life
While the future's so unclear

Then an answer to find
I am askin' to find
Put my heart and head together
And then I live my Style

Music - is the one thing I nedd
Lovin' - that's for what I bleed
Some better friends - I wanna talk to
Sometimes a beer - to leave all behind me
But most important - is to believe - in myself

When it happens to me
That my mind can't run free
Cause other people try to steer me
Want me to act their way

Then before the clock strikes twelve
I remember myself
Reflect upon what I really want
And I live on my style

It is often hard
When doubts come and start
Creepin' through my brains and are gonna drive me
But to get chased to and fro
Should not scare me so
Because I feel how I gotta live
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