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Iron My Life Songtext

You come around ,I close my eyes
Lay on the ground and I'm eating up your lies
So hard I try to fade you out
The only button you have makes yon loud

And now you're on, the tape is running
Your words are crashing down
You know it better, and all your words are gold

Yon hate my friends, and you also hate it when fun never ends
I drink too much, I talk too less
And when I try to do it you give me the rest
You know it better what really matters!
Iron my life !!!
You ironed hard and almost all
But one part of me has survived
I dig a hole, It's jsut for you
Goodbye, and thanks for all the years

I hear the silence,
I can't believe it
Did my favourite dream came true ?
And now the­re's no one who comes to trie to?

Iron my life !!!
Josef und Narumol trauern um Familienmitglied
Vor 19 Stunden
Josef und Narumol trauern um Familienmitglied
Little Mix kontern Noel Gallaghers Kritik
Vor 2 Stunden
Little Mix kontern Noel Gallaghers Kritik

Album Fezzo (1999)

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