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My Soul Good Songtext

{*Chuck D: "Get on down to my funky.." - "SOUL!"*}
{*Chuck D: "Get on down to my funky.." - "SOUL!"*}

Sister I've gotta strive, a 9 to 5 I'm sure you heard
We're shippin politics I hope you hear now every word
I start like a father now I know you know my roots go on
Make, my, neck, hurt, music that's how it goes
So child you best believe pass me the microphone I know
Snipe, how quick they took his life encounter what you know
I break it down and I, jump on the ground and I
I'm here to show and prove, my skin is brown so move
Now what you gonna do it's kinda hard to find
I, I'm lookin out for yours can you look out for mine?
So good, I wish I could, tell you somethin good
I see the world as my class and some they wanna laugh
Not Kool-Aid stains and niggaz with no brains
I, I know that's crazy how it sounds but that's what it is
I wanna live but I never could forgive
No, justice no peace, hollers from the streets
The, bloods and crips meet, heaven's concrete
But, my soul is good, everlastin
What's on the bottom of my boots no diff I'm stompin hard
I've been here before, I'm peepin it all out again
I bare witness to the flag, read the sun moon and star
I'm breakin 'em out, step in my face so we can start
Ten pers on the hill, they singin a song now if you will
So good, everlastin.. my soul is good.. so good..

[repeat 4X]
{*Chuck D: "Get on down to my funky.." - "SOUL!"*}

I hope I ain't got too many caught up in the groove
So like I say to my soldiers yo it's time to move
Hear the screams of my people livin as victim I holla
Rock your brain, (?) thunder don't even wonder
They's hopin in the 90's, in the hundreds far from done it
Now witness the quickness of my subliminal thoughts
I, travel in the state and be, like, uptown, and
I kick the crazy rhythm, check out the rhyme I'm givin
Some wanna stop my livin, I know I make 'em mad
Everlastin, so good, trouble I had
Facin a blast from the past I lower the last
No ability to sleep on me I'm everlastin
So I soldier up intellect I'm goin for the throat
Note for note, in every word I wrote
Now from the head (?) uhh I'm still born
I, be like standin, in b-girl stance and
Never freaky prancin, but Nefer can dance and
Still I'm everlastin, my soul is good! Soul good!

[repeat 4X]
{*Chuck D: "Get on down to my funky.." - "SOUL!"*}
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Nefertiti - My Soul Good
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