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Booty Juice Songtext
von N.W.H.

NWH is in the house
To tell you punk little suckers what it's all about
When it comes to butts we are the masters
Ain't a butt with a kitty in front gettin' past us
But there's a part of the butt that we want to introduce
It's nasty and wet and it's called booty juice

That booty juice, juice, juice
That booty juice, juice, juice

Booty juice comes right from the source
What's the source an ass of curse
The kind that spreads out extra wide
The kind that's nice when you come inside.
It's fresh an meaty all pasturized
But I always rise when I tap the thighs
'Cause I like'm big, I like'm greasy
I like'm round and I like'm easy
I like'm when the girls steps on the floor
Shake'n them booties just like a ho
I like it when it shakes in the pants so loose
But I love it when it's drippin -- that booty juice


When booty juice falls gotta go for yours
When it's really wet you gotta mop the floor
When I look fine fade to dance
I make my decision by the shape of her pants
Cause the bigger the butt, the bigger the shake
The bigger the shake, the more it's gonna make that booty juice
Ain't made by hand but yes it does come from a can
Pop it open and take a sip careful not to catch you lip
In a can is where the river runs and quench your thirst between those buns


See I like the fit with the nasty ass
The kind that hums when the shit goes past
Grab a cheek when the girl goes by
Slap it hard make the booty juice fly
Yo baby doll pull down those tight draws
When your butt expands it'll slap the walls
I'll grab it from front and from behind
We'll do the nasty and do the grind
Slip and slide all over the sheets
Cause booty juice is just like grease
Buck so hard that your butt gets wet
Put that ass in full effect
Take off those draws, take off that lace
Have a seat on my face and let me taste
That booty juice

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N.W.H. - Booty Juice
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