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Anti-Vanity Songtext

I feel something like a weakness deep inside
One weighs stronger than the other something like
Wrong emotions setting free and fear I can't love
One tear, a river drowns me. one bad principle
All this shit must keep you seeing black and white
My god is taking over say you're sorry.

Three feet deep a piece of you is satring at this
Seem skin deep, my smiling's only a piece relied on
Selfish solving, base revolving.

Self sufficent, educated idiot
Took too much and measured out
Not too conscious, not too bored
Just to realize it soils you
Pieces of this, you can't describe it
A beautiful lie on all five sides of it.

Shut up, great disaster.
Let down, with resistance.
Get out when you come around
Let down, i'm allowed to say
This is just a dream,
Just a flaw in the seams
Touching ground
Touching everything.
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Minus - Anti-Vanity
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