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Hey babe
I wasn't born yesterday (oh word),
I was born tomorrow (oh, I get it, I get it, I get it haha)

Shimmy, shimmy sit me in cages,
I'm so sophistimicated
But LSD just sent me back into these intricate stages
So I'm a get me some gages, a couple choppers,
And go rob a fuckin' doctor for his pain pills (yeah)

You grind a page but these emotional bitches
Are findin' ways to pine away in songs,
Like "oh my girlfriend left me. I don't like it"
These girls ain't bitches, the world's just vicious
And love's not pretty it's a sickness, bitches

(Mac you said bitches twice!)
Well great minds think alike like thoughts alike in pairs
And if you don't get it you're, like, impaired
I guess it's quite imperative for me to write my narrative to see
And every word gotta be spelled out in fuckin' pretty water colors right?

Well, I can hear my neighbors fuckin'
And if the egg is fertilized the baby's gonna be born
With it's heart pounding like the thumping pattern of the drum
I scribble out a little psycho babble from the lungs.
Where you from?
(The mother fuckin' junkyard boy)

Just have a meltdown
Just have a meltdown
Just have a meltdown
Have another meltdown
See, I don't really give a fuck about fame
I gotta a couple screws loose and they're shakin' in my brain

Hear the studs burbling, blood curdling,
Lung murdering, drum hurdling visions
(Minus all the cheap?)
Fear the present type, the iridescent light,
The piercing pressure bite that makes you
Clear your crescent pipe of all the weed

Just my irrelevant irreverence and every other measure's
Been realigned inside a shiny metal splint
The devil sin, another psycho somatic and flabby pachyderm,
Crabby foamin' out the mouth from rabid germs
She was a taciturn woman that had a trashy perm
Pokin' at the holes in my brain, the lysergic acid burns
Well burn mother fucker, burn that shit
It helps me justify takin' all these risks, bitch
Verona Pooth freut sich auf Sportler-Schwiegertochter
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Verona Pooth freut sich auf Sportler-Schwiegertochter
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Oliver Pocher und Alessandra Meyer-Wölden sprechen über Ehe-Aus

Album The Love Potion Collection 4

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