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We got a fake sky and greenery, I guess we're part of the scenery. I think those bears were mean to me, but now I think I'm where I need to be. I'm lockin' X-wing and I'm folded in tight, pop it back out when the moment is right. So tell me everybody should we party tonight?
You got the beat and I got the mic.
Well everybody loves some tasty foxes,
Treating sidewalks like they're cat-walks's,
Like getting on the dancefloor they can rock this,
The beat unlocks like Goldie Locks's.
Everybody loves some funky bitches,
Bitching their way into your britches,
Cutting their way right through your riches,
Jumping on your broom like-a wicked witch's.
Everybody loves some hotty-totties,
On a mission,
Where's the party.
Your showing it off 'cause you got the body.
You're hot to trot,
I think you're .
Come on everybody just mix and mingle,
I'm a virgo,
And I'm single.
I know your lingo so gimme a jingle.
I kinda like the way you're making me tingle.
Let me tell you all about who I am,
"L" to the "I" to the "A" to the "M",
Maybe someday you'll be my friend,
You'll say hello,
I'll say damn!
Oh the world is so shallow.
We're just posers in a show.
Ssuddenly I'm singing like I'm from the UK,
Just like Green Day singing Dookie.
I sound like a Pet Shop Boy but more gay,
I guess that accents aren't my forte.
Do you think I'm scary?
I think you're hairy.
Do you eat berries?
How about cherries?
Is that a rat?
Did you catch that?
Would you eat a bat?
How about a shockworm?
Oh the world is so shallow.
We're just posers in the show.
Come on everybody the night is young,
There's too much that hasn't been done,
If you haven't got it get you some,
Life's too short to not have fun.
Creatures of the night!
Sophia Thomalla: Das ist die Neue ihres Ex
Vor 2 Tagen
Sophia Thomalla: Das ist die Neue ihres Ex
Manuel Cortez darf das Krankenhaus verlassen
Vor 2 Tagen
Manuel Cortez darf das Krankenhaus verlassen

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Liam Lynch - Goat Rap
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