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Charismatic Rapper Songtext

Let me take you back to the day when MC's were short
And rap wasn't treated like a little league sport
On this, "Mom I wanna rap when I come of age"
And every MC could control the stage
Remember back then, after the backspin
Before everyone who's a fan was rappin
Back when every album had a classic track
And if it was on sale then the shit was wack
Back when on Tuesday you could find me at the Wherehouse
Every new release on one receipt

(You remember it man?) I remember it well
Back when Rick the Ruler was still locked in jail

Back a half a decade, when everyone had a fade
And I taped every video that Rap City played
Before Black Sheep broke up, L.O.N.S. broke up
The Soul Brothers broke up, Tribe broke up
We were all smoked up, big East coast fam
Before Jive became focused only on boy bands
Before Rawkus, Fat Beats, Bad Boy or No Limit
Before I had a chance to come out independent
When "Unsigned Hype" was a sign of who's next
Before rap artists saw six figure checks
Back when, major labels were screwin MC's
And Nirvana and Pearl Jam ran MTV
When a group put an album out, every few years
Back when people made music for the listeners ears

(You remember it man?) It wasn't too long ago
Before we were old enough to go to a show

It was just before all the major labels merged
Before rappers started usin scientific words
Back when rap fans had a common bond
If I heard a beat, I could name the song
Before every damn track was about a par-tay
And Fellowship resided on 4th and Broadway
When I used to lay in my bed with my walkman on
Listenin to mix shows 'til the break of dawn
Back when rap was half mellow, half thug
Just before the mainstream, was controlled by Suge
Before Biggie got shot, before 'Pac got shot
Back when rap was different than what the mainstream thought
Before Hilfiger knew, we were wearin his clothes
Before beats took importance over lyrics and flows
Back when Common loved rap, and I did too
And every group or MC was a part of a crew
Before everyone was preachin on the five elements
And music in videos had no relevance
Before the reunion of Guy, and EPMD
Remember when we all had a favorite MC?
Cats had personality in the last chapter
Let's bring it back to the charismatic rapper

One two, testin one two
Alright party people in the place to be
The party has already started, and it's about to end..

{*scratched: "rap is outta control"*}
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