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Pants up Songtext
von Lene

Good love you could be a might good love
Yeah, yeah, ooooh yeah
Keep you pants up x2
I would say that you were perfect
Baby around me 'cause you show
Me a good time
And you say the right things
You're sex is great
You satisfy me but one thing
You've been sneaking, creeping, cheating,
But he say you love me
Can't keep your pants up
When i'm not around
I think you're getting down with
Every girl in town
I just can't give you up cause your
Love is just that good
I wish i could just trust, trust, trust,
Trust to keep your pants up, up,
Up, up

You're a good love
You could be a
Mighty good love x2
Oh you've got everything a woman
Wants in a good man, a good job,
Good looks, charisma,
So i don't understand.
What will it take to tame your
Hunger of cheating?
Cause i love you but without the
Trust love has no meaning
[Verse 3]
Oh you're a good love you
Could be a mighty good love
If i could trust ya to keep your
Pants up
Oh you're a good love
You could be a mighty good love
If i could trust ya
To keep your pants up
Repeat chorus.
Repeat verse 3
Keep ya pants up baby keep ya
Pants up high (background)
What's up with you? i guess you
Don't love me anymore
'cause every time i turn around
You're getting caught
With your pants down
You know, you could be a great
Boyfriend, if only you could keep
Your damn pants up
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Lene - Pants up
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