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[Verse 1]
Hush- so I can hear the adrenaline rush
Through my body, shock me with the most delicate touch
Oh, yes its precious like an elephant tusk
Fine-tuned machine equipped with a pedal and clutch
Fly motor bike with mad wheels, man I'm rolling right
My words are real and all others are prototypes
Sit home and write during the day or overnight
And stay well below the hype, I did it for your delight
I'm a wordsmith, lyrical metallurgist
Never nervous and I'm always down to serve kids
No mistake'n I got a way make'n my words fit
Crash'n, and even my accidents have a purpose
The ring master, treat the stage like a circus
Hip hop's my job and I'm careful with who I work with
From the deaf, the dumb, the blind, to the learn-ed,
Get it right 'coz tonight we might blow a circuit.

The used to walk right by you (thats fo'rel)
But this year they can't deny you (thats fo'rel)
Finally, here's your chance to show skill
Say that's fo'rel
Made the proper sacrifices (thats fo'rel)
Now they all know whose the nicest (thats fo'rel)
Finally, here's your chance to show skill
Say that's fo'rel

[Verse 2]
I tear down stages without regrets
Show me one and if I haven't ousted yet
I'll come and blast it, but I'm not talk'n about the tech
I'll put words together in any alphabet
Now who dares to challenge me next
Please speak up, now out of respect
Before you decide to battle me next
Think twice and take a brief reality check
But yet, I'm like the coolest ruler you've ever met
With one hand in my pocket like Alanis Morissette
Pull'n out rhymes that will amaze you
Every line I write is a technological breakthrough
Hey you, are you will'n to pay dues?
Rock with the rhythm I'm give'n the fake blues
Now run out and tell everybody the great news
There's a new kid whose out with the power to slay crews


[Verse 3]
Now if you like hot beats and do'n it in the streets
Right on, right on (right on, right on)
If you've ever been attacked and you ready to fight back
Fight on, fight on (fight on, fight on)
Keep it on, don't stop it- blast like a rocket
I rhyme for pleasure, not monetary profit
Watch the 'Emp drop it, that ill-type of logic
Lyrics larger than life- way beyond microscopic
You could smoke ten dimes, recite your best ten rhymes
And still couldn't manage to damage or even bend mine
So stop the upward motion I'm float'n on an incline
One thousand watts of hip hop in my molecules and enzymes
In time, you'll realize the end results
Do'n this I influence kids and adults
For bend'n foes without the latest trend in clothes
Best believe on me, you'll depend the most
To reveal it, when others try to conceal it
Kidnap it and steal it- after they hurt it, I heal it
And when it recovers from illness
Watch the guard pull out cards and deal with that fo'relness

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Album Hidden Treasures (2004)

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