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Ballers Flossin Songtext

(Car engine)

C'mon, baby
C'mon on, c'mon on
Yeah, alright, now

Ballers flossin' in their rides
But we still drivin', drivin', drivin' our hoopties

Another one of these days, early in the morning
I hear you blowin' (Car horn)
Here we come, out the door
Jhaz grab thekeys, already got the blunts
What's up, Arch?
Pass the Windsor, can a sister so smoke with you?
Let me get that back seat to hear them six by nines
Radio on ten, factory speakers about to bust
Master P coverin' up noise from that exhaust
Destination: Gordon Park, steadily smokin' on leaves
Nothin' but the drop six-four's on D's
Bouncin' like a mother, rims sparklin' in sun
Us, we got three hubcaps and a ?

Commence to roll the House of Windors at this red light
Drop-top candy-apple red six-four pulls up to the side
Tight-ass chrome, I swear this playa got wet paint
Turn the system, down, they drownin' out our sounds
Man hittin' switches - watch him floss
Hittin' 3's; let's pull off
There's the store, gotta get some Zinfindel
And ? for the park


They rollin' with a backseat full of speakers
And a trunk full batteries, talk on a cellular on the regular
You can tell when a nigga got cheese
And see this Ford Escort with no brakes
It's pushin' on E, baby, and I'm sick of this
It's a shame what a sister has todeal with all these things

We gotsta kick it, now
Out the car, where my lighter at?
Kickin' back, tape in my pocket
Let me put this in your tape deck
All these ballers flossin'
Doin' pancakes, lookin' lovely
You can ball, AJay, in your trunk, he come off frontin'
Just for ten, thanks for the support
Now we back to the hoop, gotta another tape off
Let's watch these playas act a fool

Let's get me up on some Hen
And we can pretend like we sippin' on Don, playa
'Cause we still got to hustle, welfare for cold of poverty
If we gon' smoke this weed
We better push some more or these tapes
It's gettin' dark, they be takin' their shows in
Better hurry before it's too late
Parlay in the heart of Land, just hangin'
'Cause it's summer tmie
Three deep in the fo' hoopty
All around us, ballers in they rides


Let's roll to the studio
Arch, we gotsta get some gas, real fast
Seen enough ballers flossin'
Time for us trues to get some cash
One of these days sister's pockets gon' be on swoll
II Tru and AJay gon' have some rides to boss the roads


'Cause I'm gon' get mine
When I get paid off these here rhymes

And you can put that on your family
I'm a put on my trues, we want this tape
Player, recognize II Tru's comin' to get you fools
And these ghetto blues done had us faded too long
And the ballers that's flossin' in they rides
Gon' be bumpin' to our songs

Another Windsor 'fore we part for the night
Blaze it up, Jhaz
Two hits, then you pass
In another year, we gon' be top class playas in this game
We gon' change for them good thangs
Let them floss, 'cause it's all good until we get paid

Günther Jauch: Es geht ihm gut!
Vor 2 Tagen
Günther Jauch: Es geht ihm gut!
Janni Kusmagk geht wieder auf Reisen
Vor 16 Stunden
Janni Kusmagk geht wieder auf Reisen

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