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Are You Ready Songtext

Are you ready?
'Cause we're ready...

Now if you feel me, just let me know
Put your hands way up in the air, and holler "Ho!"
It's new breed of female kickin' the Northcoast flavor
Rhymes that'll fade ya
Listen close to save ya
Well it's the new era
Now, check my Northcoast side
Everybody hollerin' "Cleveland" all of a sudden now
Down with the Northcoast, they said from the beginnin'
Even though I know they just caught on, see I done ?
Bumpin' comin' from downtown on my way to the Clair
Northcoast playas steadily puttin' it in the air

Clair's makin' paper
Cleveland bum rushin' the industry's map
Door's sittin' wide open for us trues
Comin' through with the Mo Thug camp
Many skills'll get ya hands in the air, bobbin' your head
Guaranteed to split that wig up
Females makin' moves from the Land
Puttin' it down for the radio
Northcoast comin' up
A sista done told you exactly what's 'bout to go down
Two trues, they takin' over

[Hook: Jhaz]
Now if you feel me, just let me know
Put your hands way up in the air, and holler "Ho!"
It's the new breed of female kickin' the Northcoast flavor
Rhymes that'll fade ya
Listen close to save ya
See this here click?
We gon' get the sales the most
'Cause we be mighty Mo Thug comin' at ya from Northcoast

Are you ready?
'Cause we ready...


We all about flexin' styles
It's a twenty-four seven rap vibe
Northcoast, follow me on this journey
I'll make it a hell ride
For your, bump II Tru all you want, your CD changin'
Roll through the hood, get smokin', livin' it up
In the streets, they play us
Mistake us for bein' soft on the physical, but I still throw blows
Females respected
Whatyou expect comin' from the Northcoast?

You see we roll gold ones, flex with big diamonds
St. Clair, Cleveland on the map
That's how find us - blazin'
Steadily comin' up with new tracks
Even the haters be bobbin'
Talkin' this just 'cause they beats phat
Expert females with the beams
So listen close: this is how we be kickin' it
Come on up to the Northcoast

In Cleveland, see the "Heart of It All" known to be off the hook
Nightclubs showin' trues much love - every night get booked
Parlay all through Ohio
Roll deep with the Mo Thug family - nothin' but representers
Makin' it known up in this industry
Feel me, tape sales on the rise
And nationwide support for the North
Competition gettin' nothin'
Better withdraw yourself from this sport

Are you ready?
'Cause we're ready


Now we can smoke blunts with Optimos or Swishers
It don't matter
A little Hennessy, bet not step to me, 'cause I be badder
And I gets madder when punks choose
Out of all the many Mo Thugs, they want to test us trues
But see they still lose, take you for whatever you want
We got the pump for your trunk, so ain't no doubtin' us pros

Beatin' you down in the Northcoast, dog
Brina puttin' it down, comin' from the Land
Styles to make a fortune
Got you wide open
Feel this clan of intelligent ballers
Can't stop us from clockin' them dollars
'Cause we can create some of them scripts
That'll make you realize who got the power
Up in this rap game, Cleveland rippin' these charts to pieces
Any doubt in your mind, competition ain't ready for the female sistas

And we givin' out shots to all the hoods in the Land, even suburbs
They caught you trippin', but we ain't shady, man
And you know, all of St. Clair got love
'Cause that's where all of my peoples choose to thug
And, yeah, I be braggin', but Jhaz tend to boast
But a sista put it down in the Land for the Northcoast

Are you ready?
'Cause we're ready...


Cleveland... we ready
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