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Grew up with a borrowed name
A little heart of porcelain
Here a hustle, there a shove
A kid to take advantage of
I guess it was a big surprise
When I appeared before your very eyes

Brothers yea, I had a few
I know they thought the world of you
In your eyes they could do no wrong
Me, that was a different song
My life was a compromise
As I grew up before your very eyes

I know your life was misery
So deep and wide
My life's a memory, ten stories high

When I left for London in the rains of '62
When I left home it didn't mean that much to you,
Now I look back on all the changes
I went through, growing up in the rains of '62

I still remember coming home
Running to the telephone
In time to hear somebody say
You'd better get here right away
Your dad he left us in the night
He's disappeared before our very eyes

Album Camouflage (1995)

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