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Soul Revival Songtext
von Human

My bible is Treal TV
Better play your cards right when you deal with me
Believe that, I relapsed, now eat that, now relax
Why did, why did the chicken cross the road?
Cuz the hens was over there and he was looking for the hoes
There bout to be a barbeque, I'm cooking for the bros
We all bout to eat, we all bout to eat
She falls to her feet when I step on the stage
I cause a racket like I'm young on a plane
Don't fuck around or you'll get fucked from 'round me
I'm locked like 850, boy, that's county
I'm a dog like bounty so the hoes try to hound me
Focus on my accountant, I mount when I'm climbing, bitch
You bouta know what time it is, mind on astronomists
Eat like hippopotamus, Wayne's World, excellent
Layin' just so moderate, forgot to tell my boss I'm sick
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Human - Soul Revival
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