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Problem melden

Trip the Wire Songtext

Everyday I tell myseelf Imma make it work
Talking to God but I don't pray in church
I'm trying to do my best, but still I make it worse
Calling me an asshole, don't she have a way with words?
Problem is, I'm probably the problem
There's not a part of me that's possibly ballin'
So outta touch with everything it's appallin'
Always put another wall around me like I'm stallin'
Who the fucks callin'? Getting followed by mall cops
Tryna cop a new linted, cover up this bald spot
So I be sipping Dom P. when the bomb drops
Next day, tryna sell my teeth at the pawn shop
Life's twisted, so I paint grim pictures
The smoke swishes with my boys on the benches
Potent mixtures under streetlights, we sip licks
Drinking in silence, no-one ever says shit
All the flashing lights on fire
The city burns and shines so bright
Watch your step, don't trip the wire
Close your eyes and say goodnight
(yeah) somethings gotta give
Look around you, everybody's sick
Lost in the night, lying to the pigs
Caught in the lights, trying not to slip
Away in the hills, he ran with his treasure
Some gold in his boot, some blood on his sweater
I used to be like you, thought I'd be young forever
Now I'm old and bitter, like old man winter
Always smells of urine, my pistol speaks German
Welcome to my sermon, piff burnin', brick earnin'
In my sunday best, looking like a mortician
Mama wishing, could have been more Christian
(yeah) my uncle's cancer in his belly
Doctor said it was from talking on his celly
He said after supper that theres something he's got to tell me
He leaned over and whispered in my ear, "they're gonna kill me"
I talk about it in my songs to get it out of me
It's my therapy, escape from this reality
Every night after the show its a normality
I ride that white horse into battle, no calvary
Georgina Fleur: „Ja, ich erwarte ein Kind“
Vor 2 Tagen
Georgina Fleur: „Ja, ich erwarte ein Kind“
Uwe Ochsenknecht: „Männerbilder sind albern und blöd“
Vor 2 Tagen
Uwe Ochsenknecht: „Männerbilder sind albern und blöd“

Album Howl (2013)

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Evil Ebenezer - Trip the Wire
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