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Eminem - Kay Slay Freestyle Songtext

[Eminem - talking]
I'd be a horrible mixtape DJ
I would be really fuckin bad
Or just Eminem
Whatever you want to call me
And your listenin to the motherfuckin easy listenin sounds, or whatever
Clear your fuckin ear wax out
This is motherfuckin DJ Kay Slay
The Drama King and it goes a little somethin like this
Yo turn that click off, alright ...

(*beat to Eminem, Obie Trice & 50 Cent's "Love Me" starts*)
Look .

My music is soothin but it's also been proven
That it can put you in the mood to jump outta ya car while it's movin
You've been waitin on this moment, my sermon
is like a omen, I'm servin, I'm Erick Sermon
I saw the window was open and I jumped through it
My shit if you don't get pumped to it
I quit, here's my rhyme book go head and thumb through it
And pick what you want from it, rummage ya find somethin
You can use to jump someone and roll up bumpin
I'm constantly coppin over you, squatin, shit is gotten
to the point, where I'm ain't even writin no more I'm just jottin
This is chicken scratch
Shit is sickin, I've been kickin ass off bullshit, throw away rhymes, pick a batch
I live for the love of rap
You crazy? I've made beats for Jay-Z for free
Page me, you need a beat
You Canibus? then it's Dre's beat
You Kay Slay? the fee's waived
I stay beefin with JD to the day Dre two-ways me
That it's ok to stop blazin him
Oops I put it out I apologize now is too late G
It's on tape and the tape leaked
"Say what you say" motherfucker
Drama King, Kay Slay motherfucker
We dictate these mixtapes motherfucker
Xzibit blaze this little gay midget cocksucker

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