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May you smile upon this band
May your miles beguile the land
Cross every dial and band
When I was young, I lay in bed
And hummed a song, and shook my head
As I grew old, the world was cold
The radio was my only friend
In the California night, there is a chopper overhead
Like a deer caught in the light, I can't help but look ahead
And I'm wondering when it's going to stop
And I'm hoping I won't burn up
A drop in the ocean
How you turn me on but I won't belong
Come on, turn me on, I'm playing your favorite song
Police are everywhere, they keep it peaceful there
For bankers in cars, it's lonely as Mars
They're buying the air, they're making the stars shine bright
Like a deer caught in the light, I can't help but look ahead
Like a hummingbird in flight, I'm going nowhere, as I beat with all my might
The radio
In this California night, I can't help but look ahead
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