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Caught In The Act - Wishing You Were Here Songtext

When I think of you it's just the same
This feeling it could never change
Believe me
It fills me up with joy and happiness
Though there is only emptiness
Around me
In the night
All I do is run
Run away
From all what's in my head, my heart, my soul
Trying to forget
So I fight a war so lost
I just can't win
But something deep inside tells me
Hold on, not to give in
When will you see
You still belong to me

Wishing you were here now
Let your inside outside
Open your heart and love you'll find
I'm wishing you were here now
Trying to find a way out
Out of this confusion in my mind
I'm wishing you were here

What's in your mind
I wanna know

In the streets a million people pass me by
In every face I see your eyes
Still shining
Ooh, I miss your caring warm embrace
Your tender touch, your kisses taste
Just crying
So I fight a war so lost I cannot win
There's something deep inside tells me
Hold on, I can't give in.
When will you see
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