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Invitation to a party came for two, me and you,
I was sad when you said that you couldn't go.
You were working, couldn't make it.
I agreed to stay home,
But then I changed my mind and I went alone.

I went as a clown, nobody knew my plan.
Then into the room entered a highwayman.

Highwayman, oh, highwayman,
Stealing kisses where you can.
You look so familiar, highwayman.


He came to me, full of laughter.
He was joking when he said:
It's love or your money I'm after.
I said: Please, Sir, I surrender.
Then he held me and kissed me.
Then I knew that he's a pretender.

Then midnight arrived, he took off his disguise.
My heart nearly died, you were before my eyes.



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Album Oh Boy! / Images (2009)

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Brotherhood Of Man - Highway Man
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