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Ibiza TM Songtext

Look at me looking at you
You dont know what to do
Desire in your eyes makes me realize that there's no time to waste
Savor the flavor if you make haste
Pleasure tastes best when you digress
No need to stress just caress and hold be bold
When you (stare?) no time for ifs and buts...

Delay and opportunity will stray
Advance and she may stay

Easier said than done
Say the lonely ones locked up in their cave coffin prison
Gasping for contact respect love protection
Ultimate reject no direction walking backwards ill with regression

Ulterior motives keeping you from affection becaues you fear detection
You're afraid of her because she carries a weapon
The will to crush your still life imaginary unordinary planet without compassion
Only consequence

Always playing defense putting more distance between yourself
While you become the superstar mvp athlete that hits below the belt

Courage abiding you press forward hiding
Your ugliness showing your aged weariness
Motioning intent in a constant of descent
Overexcited by the moment you attract contact

Forgetting to look into her eyes you pay the ultimate price
Failing poorly your wounds sore game over no score

In a state of denial going senile
You reasses and formulate calculate pie charts bar graphs
Deficiency coefficients and mal-strategies (?) in distress no course for regress

There's no need to flee from her
Chances revoked you run hither
Take control of yourself or you'll wither
Right back and ask her to play stay just one day try to delay

Inescapable dissapointment and breakup and disillusion inherint in mal-placed progress

Locked up in your romance
Non-realist get-a-way
24-7 holiday
Allocating rations for a day
That will never come only cumbersome
Baggage as big as jesus and just as false

Inescapable treaty of lies you spy her via the corner of your eyes
And wonder what may become if you had some
Why can't i get me one
Says the dick who wants property not equality in his relationship
Watch as the lie from his mouth drips

Slave not lover i feel sorry for her
Having to deal with hormonal malcontent
95% penis .1% mental access

Again i stress the need to make sure that you are looking for a lover
Not another mother
In which case you need to cut out the incestual slobber
Thinking that no one can smell your bad breath dirty with ill will and doomed fake

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Album Ibiza Anthems, Volume 4 (2000)

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