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Prayers of Steel Songtext

Lay me on an anvil, satan
And forge me in a crow
Let me pry young virgin souls
Make them all kotow
Lay me on an anvil, satan
And forge me in a spike
Beat me in the chasted hearts
Be the evil strike
Let me be your weapon, satan
Fight for darkness tough
Let me war with all your force
Fight for you so rough
Let me be your evil spirit
Hold your temple high
From the brightest hell so deep
To the blackest night
All your wiseness give me black lord
Teach me prayers of steel
Give me evil, give me power
Give me prayers of steel
Fragen über Avenger
Wer gehört zu den Avenger?
Was ist ein Avenger?
Wer ist der Stärkste Avenger?
Wie viel Avenger Teile gibt es?
Avenger - Prayers of Steel
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