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Eternal Night Songtext

There is no one to save us
Nothing that we can do to change it
We adapt and we fight or we loose our lives
Our dead have risen against us
Eager to feast and gorge upon our flesh
Godforsaken beasts are controlling the night

Eternal Night

I know we're losing this battle
Their numbers grow larger in the dark
To even escape them is no guarantee
No they won't take me easy
I will fight them with everything that I have got
I'll try to have hope where there's none to be found

Eternal Night

Foraging in the city I hear a desperate cry out for help
I leap through the window with weapons in hand
It is then that I see her surrounded
By death and it's slavering jaws I attack
Without warning or fear for my life

If fate decrees this is my last hour
I am prepared to die a man
If on this day I take my last breath
Know you I'll fight you to the death

A wave of fury consumes me
I won't sleep untill I've hacked everything in this room
I stand on a heap of ripped torsos and limbs
Then I take in her beauty
At the same time that she seems to notice my wounds
She says I'm infected... I tell her I know

Eternal Night
Eternal Night
I'm lost in the darkness of this
Eternal Night
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Aska - Eternal Night
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