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Runaway from Dark Songtext

I'm a hunter
Are you a victim? So am I
My instincts are wonder
My power causes fright
In search for the Essence
I'm burning my past
Who can hold me back
I'm coming home
Into the valley of thousand suns
My wild soul
A gift of the ancient ones
My wise people
Have left this world
And I've lost their track

Dark Raven of Destiny
Take my soul up high
I'm fighting against the world
Twin Guardians protect me from lies
Demons, get out!

Lost knowledge, lost visions
This is what I'm going for
But time can't stop
Like a whirlwind...
What can I do?
I'm lost in time
Just a runaway
...From dark

Your world is too small
I despise it
Soon it shall fall
But I will stay to live
I am a hunter
Are you a victim? So am I
A victim of my memories..
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Archontes - Runaway from Dark
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