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Don't Say Farewell, Say Goodbye Songtext

The battle is over
My soul will soon be free
So bring me some wine
And listen to me
Because my life was, oh, so long
This is the heart of the song
It's just a simple story
Sing and remember me
I was born in a village
My father didn't carry a sword
But my fate was different:
Darkness enshrined this world
I spent my life in a fight
Under pressure of my own pirde
Women and songs, friends and wine
So I have lived, so I die
I feel closing darkness
I feel so cold
My time is over
So much blood, so little hope
But my life was, oh, so long
And I've longed to die with a song
Please women, don't cry
Don't say Farewell - say Goodbye.
Say Goodbye, baby.
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Archontes - Don't Say Farewell, Say Goodbye
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