The Boy Who Had Two Shadows Lyrics


Ambry - The Boy Who Had Two Shadows Songtext

Eyes half wide open staring at the edge of the earth
I'm already gone from this corpse
That lays beside my soul
Just walk away before I drag you down with me
Cure me of this disease that I won't let you see
I'm demanding attention, 'cause I'm feeling weak
I can barely see past the black in my eyes
I've felt the bottom
I can barely see past the black in my eyes
But I've heard it heals in time
If I could shed this skin
Leave my body open
Just to prove that there was nothing left to lose
Closed eyes stay shut until I look away
Take the easy way out
Find a hiding place
My past mistakes are scars in the shape of a smile on my face
I keep my defeats as a weakness to me
As the secrets collect on my cheeks
I'm all alone in a crowded room
You give me something to hold on to
This is how it starts, how people go crazy
Filled to my lips with excuses
Me and confusion are attached at the hip
if these thoughts had a gut, they could swallow me whole
You know that we are all terminal
The first day we are born is the first day we start dying all alone
There's a silence at night that no one should know
There's a hole in my house that they call my room
Where I keep myself locked away, waiting for another day
To make it on my own...
I'm a broken mirror put back together
Vulnerable, there's still cracks
some pieces don't fit...
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