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Tiny Ugly World Songtext

Spotlights gleam across a starsearch nation
A million cries of "me" drown out the cruel frustrations of a normal life
It's a different kind of thinking
A whole new way of telling lies 'til they're true
When you're waiting for the light

And we're all waiting
For the same light these days
A job well done is not enough
Without a front page photograph
Death comes quickly to the poor and obscure
Booby prizes for the kind and unsure
When they're standing in the light.

40 channels of a daydream stimulation
Help me to forget myself and raise my expectations of a better life
I'm ready to be special now
Get what I deserve and shine for an hour
Standing in the light

And it would help if you could die
Something fast and tragic at an early age
Guilty soon as you try
Get a sense of history
Put yourself on the page.
It's an ugly sight
When everybody's on the stage.

She's got the face to launch
A thousand supersonic jets
A waitress in another life,
How easy she forgets
Looks back with a sigh at simpler days
She's not ungrateful,
Just caught up in the chase
Still waiting for the light
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Alice Donut - Tiny Ugly World
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