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Sons of Sterility Songtext
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Sons Of Sterility

Can't see any light out there in nothingness
A cold wind is blowin'
I fall into the void

A fall so endless, slowing my thoughts down
So painless, so deceiving
Paralyzing my feelings
My hands are empty as well as my thoughts
It's me who asked for answers and didn't give none

Now I'm just falling - sterility all around
Trying to understand when and why self-consciousness died

Passing under dark skies
Suffering ancient pains without a hope
Dwellers of a sad world
Sentenced to live a life far from the stars

At the end I can see which was the cause for this paralyzing state of impotence
Stepmother ignorance
Surrender to my fears, conwuered by selfishness
I want to be reborn to a new life
Hoping it's not too late
Wretched, abandoned, lonely sons of sterility
That's what we are
Will someone please tell me
There's nothing more we can obtain from life?

Help me, mother
Give me one more emotion
Take away my pain
Hold me, embrace me
Heal me from this sterility
Which grinds my heart
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Acron - Sons of Sterility
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