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Veiled Exposure Lyrics


3rd And The Mortal - Veiled Exposure Songtext

I want to inhale you like fresh air
But slowly you spin a cocoon and disappear
Let me open your seals and enter your garden
Let me seek tof ind your well
Then I'll sit down by the source
And wait for the deep secrets to reveal
I change with you
I extricate some threads
And make a place for you
Then I become you
And you become me...
I wait for your secrets to reveal

Album Painting on Glass

  1. Magma
  2. Commemoration
  3. Crystal Orchids
  4. Persistent and Fleeting
  5. White Waters
  6. Aurora Borealis
  7. Dreamscapes
  8. Aurora Australis
  9. Azure
  10. Veiled Exposure
  11. Stairs
  12. Eat the Distance
  13. Vavonia, Part II
  14. Horizons
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