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An Offer You Can't Refuse Songtext

[Young Bleed]
Hey give me weed for a G and let me mob
And fuck what you talkin about playa
Cause I do my job
I never knew nothin but hustlin
Struggle and strive just to stay alive
Never could keep a nine to five
So I'm making my cent
A proposition that you can't refuse
In it to win it, never lose
Steady payin dues
I hear em hollerin, say bleed you got the juice now
Got me nerved up and ready to knock some shit loose now
But hold me down
And let me nkow you know for sure
When you see me sideways ballin out the door
Gone to the liquor store
Commin off the slab
Smokin on some weed with plenty hoes to stab
On behalf of the Concentration Camp
We breaking bread for life
So everything gonna be alright now
My nigga my nerve
Fresh off the curb
Jelly, jam, and preserve
Nothin but balls and my word
Fuck what you heard
Smoke something nigga
Judith Rakers: Angetrunken auf Sendung
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Judith Rakers: Angetrunken auf Sendung
Fiona Erdmann hat nach Fehlgeburt mit Körper zu kämpfen
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Fiona Erdmann hat nach Fehlgeburt mit Körper zu kämpfen

Album My Balls and My Word (1998)

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Young Bleed - An Offer You Can't Refuse
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