The Prison of Mirrors Lyrics


Xasthur - The Prison of Mirrors Songtext

The prison of mirrors... we can't see / Yet trapped we are... by its reflection / It sees all fear and watches our downfall / It will rip all lies and pride from the soul / You see all... all that you hate / Force fed memories, suffer humiliation / Victim of darkness, of the inner hidden kind / I am the eye within the gleam / Shatter before a mirror that stares into (a shallow soul) / Poison yourself... revel in waste / Poison yourself, in the name of evil... destroy yourself / I will always be the reason to hate your self / Mirrors... will oppress your mind / and follow all... all that you hide / Blind, step inside a subconscious warfare to guide the oblivious / Mirrors of torture, unforgiving expose your sins / Your suicide by the mirror's shattered blade
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