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Like wept mother, so wept son
Entered the world not welcomed
Tears shed in pain never dry
All my days I behold her cry

"Nothing you say
Worth hearing
All that you do
Brings me back to you
The absence of love I'm sensing
Is it me is it you
Makes me bitter makes me hate
And I hate

Sucked not love but bitterness
In her arms out of her breast
As the black world fell apart
Fear built house in an unborn heart
Wise is the one who dares to hear
Demons howling in his head
At the gate my allies come
Strike dead the evil ones

In wilderness...
Wolves howl me my lullaby
Crow shrieks a fairy tale
Owl speaks wise thoughts
In my head, in my sleep...
"dream my earthly child dream
The eagle and the serpent
Will guard your sleep"

Out of the house across the yard
To the garden where memories are cast
Seek beloved the dearest one
I see the gate I no longer run
Now drum is broken and hell is loose
In a tree of wisdom they put a noose
Chaos I Breath it's my last sigh
I'll hang this child into tree of life
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