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If You Don't Know Songtext

They say what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger
Nah'mean? The mothafuckaz been trying to kill Mahdi
Nah'mean? But I always keep getting stronger
That's what keeps fucking their head up
I stay strong, stay grown, nah'mean?
Yo, I praise Allah thank 'em for every breath and every scar
Rags-2-Riches all you snake niggas inshallah
Lost my moms when they said Saddam had nuclear arms
Murder cases, blowing trials, remain calm
Facing the Judge, went to war wit these fake thugs
I gave you breath yet you still show no love
I help build the Bridge, brick-by-brick
In every building I ain't hitting tho
Love to see y'all niggas getting millions
Keep that heat low for jealous mothafuckaz catching feelings
It's fucked up when niggas drag your name in the street
And your baby moms is fucking every nigga she meet
I took a fall; she even kicked me when I was down
No thanks, Underground King I hold that crown
2-5 stay on the grind, we gon' hold that down
2-5 stay on the grind, we gon' hold this down
I can't tell who's my friend or foe
Because they all too close to me
I can't see who made me good or harm
Because they all said they loved me
I would like to be nice
But being nice got these niggas trying pulling my life
And that just can't be
I came up in these streets and I earned my stripes
So I'mma stand up like a G, IF YOU DON'T KNOW!
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Album The Death of Tragedy (2007)

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Tragedy Khadafi - If You Don't Know
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