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Faded Prophecy Lyrics

Faded Prophecy, veil of suffering
Un-denying apathy, pieces falling under the scrutiny
Pentecost and misery

Painted all your icons of submission
Pray to your plastered statue gods and
Piece together farcical legends
And rape your gullible sheep of all

They give you hope, they take your freedom
Wishing hoping all's not lost
Bathe your soul in unclean practice
Drown your mind within it all

Feed your lies
Do you like the taste
So bitter so nourishing
In your eyes
I can sense the hate
So callous
Just burning you up inside
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Dieter Bohlen: Ein 'DSDS'-Abenteuer
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BLACKPINK kollaborieren auf ihrem neuen Album mit Cardi B

Album Geneticide (2003)

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