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The Grotesque Extravaganza Songtext

Come on and ride, darkness burns high
Conceiled in grotesque remains.
Angeltime, another quest.
Return to genesis with spikes in your chest.
Heavy doom, apocalypse in fire,
Watch the field in flesh.
The sky bends upside down and motors roar
We are a force with the power to exploar.

And the skin and the blood
And the glowing flesh and the frozen spirit
The pure catharsis for the sons to inherit
In the centre of the weakening light tonight
And the fist and the force
And the black dream and the dead vision
The raging fire of the judgement submission
And death is just a heartbeat away…
Come on and ride, the flames reach higher
Hammer doom and dominate
Clench your fist, touch darkness
Slaughter of dreams and the power to posses
Hard bones, murderous might
Ride the skeleton
Heaven's obscured by the grace of leather
Infernal hightime - one wing to a feather…
Yeah, now we ride, and fires burns high
Covenant of iron and air
Demonamania, judgement heart
Hear the bells as the funeral starts
Tough nights, black days
Die baby, cause you're dreaming dead dreams
One night of revelation and insight
Slays the vision of a white light in flight…
Death rides high over the Sky
Touch the blade… Yeah, deathraid
Metallic breath, alright
Silversky fight, souls begin to fade
….Yeah deathraid
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Swordmaster - The Grotesque Extravaganza
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