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[Intro: Ghostface Killah Prodigal Sunzini]
(It's beautiful God, love it as peace
Let's just get out together, man
In this hard world, I'm just tellin' you
You gotta fight, man) Got this way?
(Yeah blood) You gotta move in peace
(Just peace, that's what I'm talkin' 'bout
It's real, the stress) Peace (Uh-huh)

[Ghostface Killah]
More prettier than jewelry, more breathtakin' than a Farrakhan speech
With a million people waitin'
I've been saved, fuck my caves, those is just gifts
Just imagine if we all wit one page
Think alike, A, B alike, C alike
The proper knowledge is needed
Wit' Satan off my back, I'm at peace at night
No more cops, no more Rodney King's
No more peekin' out the curtain wit' the rifle by any means
AIDS don't exist, plus my sex life's terrific
I get a kick out of life, I bet my bitch on it
20/20s not enough coverage
Nightline, big Barbara Walters'
Specials now appear with more brothers
See Starks marchin' up to the promised land
Sunz of Man slid through, made the world understand
(Promised that's just the way it goes)

[Hook: Madam D]
I just can't go on
Feelin' the way I feel
I just can't go on
Fellin' the way I see, ooh

[Prodigal Sunzini]
Oh what a beautiful vision it would be to see
Every man, woman and child flow in harmony
But it's so hard in these gritty streets of New Yiggy
And every state infested with cobras, mocassins and rattle snakes
We hate, battle jakes, escape the thirst before the love of freedom
We travel many beaches and leeches

Black drums, kingdom comes slum better first day won
No limitations, no hesitations, we stay sun
Even though I went through hell strivin' to come out right
Carryin' heat, survival in these concrete streets
From the '70s era chrome beretta, story of the hood
Terror always stood these streets better
True princess, sun I'm tryin' to live my life more better
Soundin' like the strongest of weathers
Smooth as feathers, the grand loyal
All from the blood of royal
A hard head makes a soft ass
And never spoilt, feel me? word up


[Hell Razah]
We spend our lives in the ghetto
Enslaved by the plague of the devil
In the graves, we all settle when we raised by the metal
Crack vials made us act wild
Gangsters look where we at now
Behind prison gates or buried in grounds
Role models of a child mis-educated, wanna be down
They gave up fake smiles, along with the pounds
How much time does a man need to notice you bleed?
And that the God you don't believe is the reason you breathe?
Blessed be the poor, playin' their numbers inside the liquor store
Next door apartment to me, is only coke wars
Caught four before Allah, we broke all the laws
I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, when ever we caught
Jum broads became strippers when they used to be Queens
A lot of us became sleepwalkers followin' dreams
Solomon Kings, that's why we like diamonds and rings
Pussy and CREAM, with vanity is what it could bring

[Hook: x3]

[Outro: 60 Second Assassin]
I see your life without the right
It wouldn't be nothin' without the S.O.M.
It wouldn't be nothin' without the S.O.M.
Der Wendler: Er kommt zurück!
Vor 23 Stunden
Der Wendler: Er kommt zurück!
Harald Glööckler: Neue Frisur extra für’s Dschungelcamp
Vor 2 Tagen
Harald Glööckler: Neue Frisur extra für’s Dschungelcamp

Album Nothing New Under the Sun (2004)

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