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I dont know what, what to say anymore. I Feel so bored like many times before. Im not shure that I can take it cause I need something more. So instead of getting stuck here I walk out thorugh the door. I feel so bored what can I do everything sucks today. Nothing comes my way. I got so may ways to choose now, but im going to follow my heart, and where I end up makes the same to me. I try to live my life in a fantasy just to get away from reality And the man in me that always makes things wrong. This riddle is to hard to handle its to intricate for me. I dont intend to answer I rather watch tv and improve my insuffiency. I feel so bored I cant anymore something have to change I wish I had the strenght to break free from these chain.s And get away and do all those things I told myself to do so many times, but I never emasculate the thoughts in my mind. Sometimes I ask myself what is wrong with me. Im looking for somethings I cant reach. Its time to wake up 'cause tomorrow it maybe to late.
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