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The Night People Songtext

Blue neon clock fingers sneaking past the stars
Extinguish the last fuse of day
Through black rain-wet streets rush bleary-eyed cars
Stuffed with revellers drunk and blasé

In Soho stained waiters bang dustbins around,
Commissionaires yawn into tweed,
As empty and echo hose yesterday down
The night people slide inbetween

Sallow dudes with spotlight eyes
Pour laughter sauce on ice
Velvet dolls with brandied smiles
Lean close with mouths of dice
The tunnel band plays studded drums
And spits electric spears
As the dancers kick like marionettes
Through the smokescreen atmospheres
Dance on pale harlequins of night
Lest you scratch your gilded fears

The paint peeling tea stall by Charing Cross bridge
Attracts lonely moths to its lamps
In corners of archways on a benches oak ridge
Lie newspapered wine-softened tramps;
Pushed on by policemen and queueing for soup
Evading the world's outstretched glove,
But one pain they share with the jewelled ghost troupe
Both searching for some kind of love

Gargoyles chewing on dead cigars
Stack chips in crystal halls
Sequinned starlets scent their breasts
Till the single finger calls
Rhinestoned strippers strut and peel
For the cochineal stockade
The gangster roars his crew applauds
At the punter's fun parade;
All worshiping the jaws of night
Where the piper is never paid
Champagned freaks in denim shirts
Snort energy in spoons
Laughing girls ask zodiac signs
But their eyes sing lonely tunes
It's four o'clock the wine is flat
The coffee has long gone cold,

The rustlers pay their last respects
Then drive away blindfold…
Dead the hollow dreams of night
Turn grey dissolve… dissolve…

Leaves dervish dance on the coiled wind of dawn
Whisper… The curtain lifts… Day
News vans and lorries with oranges roar
From Fleet Street to Ealing Broadway
The first bus with charladies stops in the Strand
Milk vans and post vans cruise by
At Euston commuters, shop girls and striped suiters,
Are jostling and milling, cars hooting, brakes shrilling…
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Peter Sinfield - The Night People
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