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In Hoc Signo Sanguinis Lyrics

Mark your body with the symbol of agony because I am the truth
Bend your head and lower your eyes because my light will shine upon you and will burn your sins
O humble man, dance during the macabre journey of your life
I'll be the only relief for your sufferings, since evil has reigned over your soul eternally
I am the saviour with the blazing sword that crashes the dragon's power
My prophets with their black cloaks will travel along the winding ways of faith
The mother's time is now over
I am the only father of this world and I will put my scals on the ancient temples
My brave warriors will cut down the profane and cursed rocks and the enemy's messengers will burn
Never more idols in the cursed forests but only shelters for your weak soul
O humble man, listen to my world because from the time I come, you'll be saved
Your life will be valueless without sin and your death will be horrible without regret
Follow the book's word and don't let be deceived by the man's word
This is what is written and predicted by the man of the desert that was led to our lands
Shores by the lady of the waters, deceived by a dark veil
In him the seed of discord and ruin was hidden
Our masters and princess fell under the weight of power and corruption and the men of the cross
Promised them new reigns in exchange for new souls
What a mysterious magic hit our eyes so that we couldn't see the god's beauty anymore?
What a mysterious spell broke up the light of our soul so that we couldn't feel
The great mother's power anymore?
What a terrible curse stroke our people so that they couldn't follow the old cults of the forest
And say their prayers in a stone temple anymore?
Under the symbol of the ichthys they promised the coming of a new reign
This reign will be built with the martyrs' blood
This reign will be fed with the weak's fears
It will be a stone temple and will refuse the light
Write all this in the stones and hand it down by the force of the voice
In order that others may rewrite it with blood
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