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Whispering Sorcery Songtext

The Forest Was His Fortress, His Domain
A Secret Place Far Away From The Host

The Hiding Of A Sorcerer Deep In The Forest
A Place Where He Hides His Darkest Thoughts

His Domain, A Forbidden No Man's Land
Whispering Sorcery, His Domain

His Wisdom Guides Him, To The Right Direction
To The Moment That He Will Whisper

Tranquillity Of The Woods, So Sweet
The Sweetness Made Him Suffer

Whispering Sorcery

He Forgot His Remembrance
A Secret In The Mysterious Dark
His Whole Life Was A Failure
His Secret, Whispering Sorcery
Fragen über Mjölnir
Wer hat mjölnir geschmiedet?
Was bedeutet das Symbol auf Thors Hammer?
Ist Thors Hammer verboten?
Kann Thanos Thors Hammer heben?
Mjölnir - Whispering Sorcery
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