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Pay Style Flows Songtext

Pay style flows
Uh...we got them Pay Style Flows
50 Wheezy got them Pay Style Flows
Lil Ric got them Pay Style Flows
Probable Cauze got them Pay Style Flows
Marvaless got them Pay Style Flows
Killa Tay got them Pay Style Flows

Gettin stuck is my mothafuckin hobby
Dumpin on niggaz wit the Daz right behind me
I pilfer you suckas, but folk I blast mothafuckas
I ride wit real niggaz, can't be drivin wit no bustas
I'm all in the door, like fuck it, I take it slow
Rapin you niggaz wit these Pay Style Flows
You niggaz know better than to fuck wit some G's
I'm poppin niggaz like wheelies, gettin silly, mobbin on D's
Who in these Sacramento streets wanna fuck wit Double C?
Just name the date and the time and the place
And I'm brakin you off like D
I'm all about my loochie, givin out rainchecks on coochie
Unless I'm done stackin my funds
Then I'm packin the back of that booty....uh
My nigga off the hinges, I close the door on yo business
Overall I'm rated top dog, when it comes to spittin
Ain't this tight(Fo Sheezy), Yeah I know(Fa Sho)
Can't none of y'all fuck wit these Pay Style Flows

Chorus 2x:
Pay Style Flows, pay me, or pay me no mind
I rather have the whole thing than a piece of the pie
Guaranteed to make a mil if you drop the loot
Free style? No, no. I got it poppin fool

My nigga fire up that dewbie
Yo folks he out here conin these streets
Heavy artilery boy my milli be eatin em up like cold meat
Ain't no joke bitch, I'm twistin niggaz head like a snapple
Tryin to gaffle puttin em out the game wit a blindside tackle
Bout it bout it like Steady Mobbin, young and off weed
98, Tank, bubblin from a hoe to a ki
And most definitely wit the weapon I be ya all time killa
Blood leakin like an oil tank out on the river
Boy I'm the coldest mothafucka that you ever could've known
30 round shotty, one to ya body, sprayin you hoes like cologne
Doin illegal, doin it legal, mobbin as Evil as Kanevel
Mob sequel, ain't no equal, doin big dirt til you weep-el
Now who the roughest, who the toughest
Who be bluffin, who be stuffin
Niggaz up in the trunk dead, just for talkin to the feds?
Double C, the gangsta wit the glock in the cuts
I-dentify the busta, aim first, and I bust

Chorus 2x:

Ain't no passin up the double barrel
So when you see me better hide
I be creepin up, ready to buck, stuck off kryptonite
Mafioso ready to throw blows, best to back up off me
Got my weapon, when I'm steppin, cuz I'm out here chicken-hawkin
Young killaz from the West Side bitch, better run
I be stickin and movin, poppin and groovin, off wit yo ones
Gettin gone off doe-doe, 20 year old, straight loco
Down to pick up my 4-4, and point it at the po-po
Fa sho, I thought you knew, I'm way too savage
Ain't nothin more important than weed and big bank stashes
Automatic five, bailin through my barrel
I'm killin, coke-dealin, ballin hard like Dana Barros
Best to keep goin, I'm rippin up flesh, clean off yo bone
Suicidal wishes, thugs livin in my zone
These pay style flows, you can't fuck wit the real
Got solo devotions, and the fetti paper scrill

Chorus 3x:

Pay Style Flows
We got them Pay Style Flows
My little brother got them Pay Style Flows
Maniac got them Pay Style Flows
My cousin Ace got them Pay Style Flows
C-Bo got them Pay Style Flows
The 9-1-6 got them Pay Style Flows
And Lunasicc got them Pay Style Flows
Günther Jauch: Es geht ihm gut!
Vor 2 Tagen
Günther Jauch: Es geht ihm gut!
Carmen Geiss: Darum ließ sie sich schon impfen
Vor 15 Stunden
Carmen Geiss: Darum ließ sie sich schon impfen

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