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Natural Beauty Songtext

Chorus (Scratched):
Thank God for a beauty like you
She's my natural beauty

Respectively covering flesh
On a sunny day, long breaths
Comfortable without drawing attention
In a nursery rehearsing the commandments
Man hints towards advancement
She's advanced, been through the muck
Far from a nun and no lady luck
Earns an honest buck, dignity
Not concerned if she's digging me
The love she gives is sisterly
The love I give back is brotherly
Praise God, it's all in the family
Seen around her worst, that's the best
Five hour combos on the phone, get some rest
Wakeup call, have a nice day
By the way, did you pray?

Chorus (4x)

Meek.. strong, not weak
A good listener whenever a friend speaks
Out of love comes rebuke
Words to encourage Matthew, Mark, and Luke
Yes or not, not maybe
She's a mother to her baby
A dukeless daisy
Don't fall, grow in love
Too busy feeding off The Word, no time for club
Nor desire, He takes us higher
Than a bomb load, it's been a long road
Keep travelling till we get home
At times it might seem, but we're never alone
No flowmantic, don't panic
God's with you everywhere
When I go, He's there
Be with him and everything will be fine
Put God first, because you're his before mine

Chorus (4x)

I'm not stuck on what you're not
I see what made you
A strong backbone
Tearing at the sermon
You know you could do better
The word hit home through a Godgiven messanger
Everyday a new declaration
Everyday change thought into action
Already a mommy, it comes naturally
And that's the beauty
Organizing activities
Enjoys giving
Sacrificing paydays with volunteering
You're an encouragement, keep it going
May God continue to bless you... (pause)

Chorus (6x)
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LMNO - Natural Beauty
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