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So Distracted Songtext

Four AM, it's getting late
Got to go, I just can't wait
I can't even hear you now
I'm so distracted

Thoughts are racing through my head
Things I always thought I knew
Where'd you get that attitude
You're so affected
So affected

What do I have to do
What do I have to say
Tryin' to get through
If it's all or nothing
Something I can take
I don't even want to know
What happens next
I've got to go
You can't even hear me now
You're so distracted
So distracted


Go away until I leave
Someone else can believe
In my way, my way
Takin' off, get in line
Have to wait, out of time
Won't be back here
Won't be back here again

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Lapdog - So Distracted
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