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Open the Window and Let the Spirit Fly Free Songtext
von Kukl

Our task is reality,
Our aim is reality.
From reality we draw our breath.
From our wishes we get our will.
We need all our wishes to become true.
So they will become true.
We need to eliminate those who try their best to stop our wishes becoming true.
Those who try to close the window into our faces.
Open the window and let our souls fly free.
Let us get rid of the bomb.
We ask those who are versed in alchemy, cosmic orgone,
Paraphysics, tesla, pshycotronics, ultra-relativity, twistor-application,
G-strain energetics, zothyran physics, fourier trance formation,
Psionics, bio-synthesis, fan shih, quantum-physicks,
Tanmatra-transmission, para-vidya, eluthery, laelia-aelia,
Gur-preparation, enantiodromy, lein-tan, pao-pu-tsu, chin-tan,
Chandrakala, urheka and mega-mathematics to assist in the most supreme transmutation :
That of uranium and other radio-active metals into giving, not taking forces.
Laymen and priests of all beliefs and credos and invited to lend their mind to this experiment.
Scan out your brothers and sisters and link up now.
A black eye. I didn't think I needed one. I thought I was indestructible.
A black eye to wake me up. My alarm.
It was an alarm or me that I needed one to realize my reality.
A black eye. An ugly vision of my life. To evoke my feelings and doings.
A black eye to realize the atrocities.
The ugliness which we are confronted with everyday.
To wake me up from my sleep. To avoid me getting the long sleep.
A black eye. To liven up my numb thoughts and feelings for what is reality.
To step me out of the movie and farce. A black eye to understand it wasn't just in the movies.
A black eye. Made me scream with angst and scare.
My scream was not from the origin of pain.
Nor because I got out of bed on the wrong side and walked in to the wall.
It was because it was my life, our existence, slowly been taken away by somebody else.
Numb no more. To remind me. A black eye.
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Kukl - Open the Window and Let the Spirit Fly Free
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