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Ian Cussick - Wonderlove Songtext

i've been playing you
listening here on my stereo
i've never met you
but I believe that I know you so
Stever, you're a wonder to me
and what your mind
"inner visions" can see
everybody knows you can to
where nobody can go

ever since back in seventy-four
with your "talking book"
the Jeff Beck solo was outta sight
and you had me hooke with you
"signed sealed delivered i'm yours"
i guess your whole life
has been for one cause
fullfillingness is yours
so here's all I wanted to say

i do in you the greatness see
a master in the century
your music flows like enerfy
from stars above
i guess you are the sun of man
you sing your songs
the best you can
i do relate, appreciate
your wonderlove

"superstition" was always
pushing for higher ground
the song you did in the
"key of life" was your inner sound
with your synthesizer i'm sure
i know you open a magical door
the "secret life of plants"
is no secret anymore
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