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New Shirt (Tonight) Lyrics


Iain Matthews - New Shirt (Tonight) Songtext

What is the point in keeping on so deathly quiet
You know nobody lives here
What's in your pocket come on let me see
I'll buy it. There's nobody at home tonight

Tell me the one about the laughing politician
That's a funny story
I don't know where you get so many lies
About me. I should have left you at home tonight

I traded your heart for another one
I thought I' d told you before
I bought a new shirt so I'd be recognized
Now I don't wear it no more
I told you a lie, said I needed you
I never needed you less tonight

Right in the middle of my favourite piece
You started, man I need a new number
I don't care who's invited
I don't want your party
Why don't you leave me alone tonight

Album Rare & Crooked

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